The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) serves approximately one-quarter of a million residents each year, making it the largest mental health service system in the nation. We provide a diverse spectrum of mental health services to all ages, including mental health assessments, crisis intervention, case management, and medication support in both residential and outpatient settings. Our diverse workforce includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, medical doctors, clergy, and trained mental health consumers.

Each year, DMH brings hope and recovery to hundreds of thousands of residents in all regions of Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County is one of the nation’s largest counties, with over 4,000 square miles, 88 different cities, and over 130 unincorporated communities. The County is home to over 10 million residents, a number exceeded by only eight states. One of the most diverse regions of the United States, dozens of languages are spoken by the County’s residents. The County is governed by the Board of Supervisors.

Due to its large geographic size, Los Angeles County departments divide services into 8 regions called “Service Areas.” T.” The eight Service Area (SA) regions include:

  • SA 1 (Antelope Valley)
  • SA 2 (San Fernando)
  • SA 3 (San Gabriel)
  • SA 4 (Metro)
  • SA 5 (West)
  • SA 6 (South)
  • SA 7 (East)
  • SA 8 (South Bay/Harbor)






spa map